WrapUp: Sign Into Multiple Gmail Accounts in Firefox, Windows Phone 7 Series, and More

This article was written on February 16, 2010 by CyberNet.

Welcome to the WrapUp by CyberNet. This is a collection of news stories, downloads, and tips that we have collected over the last few days, but never got around to writing about. Don’t forget to send in your own tips, or just leave a comment on this page if you think you’ve got something we should include.


windows phone 7 series.jpgWindows Phone 7 Series Hands-On
At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Microsoft unveiled the next generation of their mobile operating system called Windows Phone 7 Series. They have essentially scrapped everything you knew about Windows Mobile, and started from scratch to make an interface that is much more like the Zune. It’s clean, fast, and all first impressions from reviewers are extremely positive. You should expect to see Windows Phone 7 Series devices in time for the holiday season later this year.

office 2011.jpgOffice 2011 for Mac Getting a Ribbon UI
Microsoft has released some information regarding Office 2011 for the Mac, and in the mix is a slightly revamped UI that will match more closely what Windows users see when they fire-up Office. This already looks much better than Office 2008 in my opinion, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Not to mention the fact that this will actually include Outlook for handling emails instead of the frowned upon Entourage app.

–News in Brief–

google buzz.jpgGoogle Buzz Adapts to User Feedback
Google has received a lot of complaints about Buzz (mostly in regards to security), and they have quickly rolled out changes to help address the high-priority issues.

google maps labs.jpgGoogle Maps Gets Labs
Labs has found it’s way into another Google product… Maps. Some examples of what you can do are things like find the latitude/longitude of your cursor’s position or draw a box around an area you want to zoom into.

windows.jpgWindows Patch Cripples XP with Blue Screen
One of the Windows Updates pushed out by Microsoft incapacitated some machines and threw them into an endless cycle of reboots.

opera browser.jpgOpera 10.5 Beta Released
Opera posted the first Beta release of version 10.5, and it boasts private browsing, a faster JavaScript engine, and a redesigned interface.

google fiber optic.jpgGoogle Announces Experimental Fiber Optic Network for Consumers
Google will be pushing out a fiber optic Internet connection to upwards of 500,000 consumers, and are taking nominations for areas in the U.S. that are interested.

opera mini.jpgOpera Mini for the iPhone
Opera showed off the “mini” version of their browser at Mobile World Congress that is designed specifically for the iPhone.

–Tips, Tutorials, and Reviews–

tvrename-1.jpgAutomatically Organize Your TV Shows
Downloading TV Shows from the Internet via BitTorrent or other sources can be annoying for those filename neat-freaks out there. Often times the files are named in obscure manners that can make the files difficult to identify, or at the very least not easy to read. The free app called TVRename assists with that issue by renaming the files into a more friendly format automatically for you.

multifox.jpgSign Into Multiple Gmail Accounts in Firefox
The MultiFox Firefox extension lets you create multiple cookie sessions in the browser so that you can sign into more than one online account at a time. This is particularly useful for me because I have multiple Gmail accounts, and with this I don’t have to sign out of one before switching over to another.

–Tips in Brief–

NetNewsWire.jpg6 Best Tools for Scheduling Twitter Updates
Use these various services and tools to automatically schedule your tweets to post at a certain time/day.

belvedere.jpgAutomate File Management with Belvedere
This free Windows utility will let you automatically manage files (delete, move, etc…) based on extension, date created, and more as they get added to a folder that you choose to monitor.

email photos.jpgEmailing Photos to Windows Live SkyDrive
This guide explains how you can quickly add images to your free 25GB SkyDrive account via email.

picasa downloader.jpgGoogle Picasa Album Download Tools
Bulk download your images using one of these free tools… including one that is a Firefox extension.

orangenote.jpgSmart Note Taker & Clipboard Manager
OrangeNote is a free note taking application for Windows that is one of the best-looking sticky note apps I’ve seen.

iphone explorer.jpgiPhone Explorer for the iPhone & iPod Touch
This free Windows/Mac app will let you navigate the files on your iPhone without having to jailbreak.

google docs wedding.jpgWedding Planning with Google Docs
Google announced some free templates and tips for people who want to use Google Docs for planning a wedding.

bartap.jpgKeep Background Tabs from Loading in Firefox
This Firefox extension will keep background tabs from loading until you actually switch to them.

chrome new tab tasks.jpgTurn Chrome’s New Tab Page into a Google Tasks Page
View your Google task list each time you open a new tab in Google Chrome.

listary.jpgSpruce Up Windows Find-as-You-Type
Listary adds a visual reference to the find-as-you-type functionality in Windows Explorer.


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WrapUp: English Wikipedia Hits 3 Million Articles, New Avast Interface, and More

This article was written on August 24, 2009 by CyberNet.

Welcome to the WrapUp by CyberNet. This is a collection of news stories, downloads, and tips that we have collected over the last few days, but never got around to writing about. Don’t forget to send in your own tips, or just leave a comment on this page if you think you’ve got something we should include.


wikipedia logo.jpgEnglish Wikipedia Surpasses 3 Million Articles
In eight years the English Wikipedia site has managed to amass a whopping 3 million articles. It’s amazing that they’ve been able to pick the collective minds of millions of contributors, and gather the results in one central location. There are apparently 10 million registered users and more than 326 million edits have been made. That is pretty crazy.

xbox 360 elite.jpgXbox 360 Elite Dropping to $299
Sony unveiled the PS3 Slim at a $299 price point, and Microsoft is following right behind them by lowering the price on their high-end console. According to a Walmart ad the Xbox 360 Elite, which comes with a built-in 120GB hard drive, will also be sold at $299 soon. The console market is getting awfully competitive these days, and in the end it looks like consumers will be the ones who win from it.

canon g11.jpgCanon Focuses Less on Megapixels, More on Quality
Last week Canon unveiled some new cameras, and the most perplexing thing for a lot of people was that the cameras actually offered a lower number of megapixels than their predecessors. The reasoning? They are trying not to overload the camera sensors as much, and are thereby increasing the quality of the photos. Consumers often look at megapixels as a sole means of measurement for the quality of photos a camera takes, and hopefully this kind of thinking will start to shift.

google voice logo.jpgGoogle Voice Offers Free Calls to Canada from the U.S.
I found it rather interesting last week when Google announced that their Google Voice service would once again have free calling to Canada. They had offered this before when the service was still known as GrandCentral, but I’m a bit surprised they brought it back. Why? Because Google Voice is a service that’s only available to U.S. residents. So basically people in the U.S. can call Canada for free with Google Voice, but not visa versa. Huh.

google chrome os screenshot.jpgPossible Google Chrome OS Screenshots
Mashable has what appears to be some screenshots of the Google Chrome OS… which could also turn out to be fake. I’m sure this is going to be just the beginning of “screenshot” leaks, and if there’s any truth to these Google is heading towards what appears to be a Mac-inspired interface. If these are indeed real I can’t help but feel like we’re stepping back 5-years when it comes to interface design.

–News in Brief–

lenovo ideapad.jpgLenova & Samsung Holding Back New PC’s for Windows 7 Launch  
Some computer manufacturers are waiting until Windows 7 ships before they release a few select products.

iphone icons.jpgApple & AT&T Respond to FCC Concerns
Apple and AT&T have addressed concerns that the FCC had regarding the Google Voice apps being pulled from the App Store.

bing logo.jpgBing Strikes Licensing Deal with Wolfram Alpha  
The “smart” search engine known as Wolfram Alpha will be licensing some of its data to Microsoft.

mint logo.jpgMint.com Gets Some New Features  
Mint, the free personal finance manager, has received some welcomed new features including better budget management and improved reporting.

microsoft store logo.jpgMicrosoft Looking for “Retail Technical Advisors” for Retail Stores  
In the next few months Microsoft will be opening up two retail stores, and they are looking for some people who don’t mind helping users troubleshoot problems with their PC’s.

–Tips, Tutorials, and Reviews–

avast 5 beta.jpgAvast Doesn’t Look Like Crap Anymore
I’ve been a huge fan of Avast Antivirus over the last few years, but one thing I was never fond of was the interface. It was free though, and so I just dealt with it. Avast 5 (currently in Beta) is changing all of that. The design of the application is like night and day compared to the old version. As of right now all of the features aren’t baked-in, but they will be by the time this thing ships. And when that happens I’ll be telling all the people I’ve set up with Avast about the new version… because it will be a worthwhile upgrade (as long as it’s still free of course). Final version is due out in October.

windows 7.jpgRun Windows 7 for 120 Days without Activation
We had written about this little “hack” back when Vista launched, and it’s still available in Windows 7. If you’re looking for a way to extend the 30-day “trial period” all you’ll need to do is run slmgr -rearm from the command line at the end of each 30-day period. Doing so will give you another 30-days, and this can be repeated up to 3 times. So if you format your machine every 4-months you may never have to buy Windows 7… um, I didn’t say that though. :)

sync chrome bookmarks.jpgGoogle Chrome (Dev Build) Syncs Bookmarks
There were some indications that this was coming soon, and it’s here. With the help of a command-line switch you can be syncing your Chrome bookmarks with PC’s you have located half-way across the world. Is this groundbreaking? No. It will get interesting though once Google starts expanding this beyond syncing only bookmarks. Since your bookmarks sync with your Google Docs account it seems only natural that they will use the browser to also sync files on your machine.

pidgin messenger.jpgPidgin 2.6 Supports Google Talk Voice & Video Chat
Pidgin users have been asking for Google Talk voice support for a long time, and not only did the developers deliver that but they also came through on video support. That is impressive on many levels… the main one being that even the official Google Talk client doesn’t support video chatting (pathetic, I know). Now what would really make me a happy camper is if they could get file transfer support in there.

art photo.jpgTurn Photos into Artwork
If you’re a Photoshop user there’s no doubt that you’re already familiar with the artistic filters that are available. For those of you who can’t afford Photoshop or don’t want to take the time learning it… there’s still an easy way for you to turn your photos into masterpieces. The free FotoSketcher app will let you choose from a variety of different styles (water color, oil painting, etc…) and apply them to any image. To top it off there’s even a portable version available so that you can try it out without installing a thing.

–Tips in Brief–

usb drive.jpg24 Killer Apps for Your USB Drive
This is a great list of programs that can (and probably will) come in handy at some point.

task manager.jpgWindows 7 vs. Vista: CPU & Memory Usage Comparison
There’s been a lot of talk about Windows 7 being significantly faster than Vista, but the numbers seem to indicate that it may be closer than we thought.

xmarks.jpgXmarks has Alpha Add-on that’s Compatible with Chrome
There is now an Alpha version of Xmarks available that also syncs with Google Chrome. That means it can keep your bookmarks in sync across IE, Firefox, Safari, and now Chrome. Impressive.

strategy guides.jpg5 Sites with Free Strategy Guides for Gamers
These are some sites for you to take into consideration the next time you get stuck when trying to save the princess.

new tab behavior.jpgModify New Tab Behavior in Firefox
This Firefox extension will let you choose what you want to happen when you open a new tab, which includes automatically opening a URL you may have copied to the clipboard.

google podcast.jpgGoogle Labs Podcast App for Android
Google appears to be stepping into the podcast market with a new app they’re offering for Android devices.

adobe shortcuts.jpgAdobe Keyboard Shortcut Program
This is a free app made with Adobe Air that provides a unified and searchable interface for finding keyboard shortcuts for all your Adobe applications.

chrome session saver.jpgGoogle Chrome Session Saver
There aren’t many Chrome add-ons, but this is a simple one that will let you save your open tabs so that they can be re-opened later on.

smoothwheel.jpgCustomize Smooth Scrolling in Firefox
This Firefox extension will let you adjust various aspects of scrolling including the speed and step size.


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WrapUp: Microsoft Opening Retail Stores; Chrome Themes, Extensions, and Tips

This article was written on July 20, 2009 by CyberNet.

Welcome to the WrapUp by CyberNet. This is a collection of news stories, downloads, and tips that we have collected over the last few days, but never got around to writing about. Don’t forget to send in your own tips, or just leave a comment on this page if you think you’ve got something we should include.


google calendar labs.jpgGoogle Calendar Gets Labs, too
The success of the Gmail Labs appears to be spilling over into other Google products now. Calendar was updated last week with 6 Labs features that are, to be honest, not all that exciting. You have to remember though that the ones first offered in Gmail labs also weren’t that great. The one feature I hope we see offered in Google Calendar is the ability to have past events automatically deleted, because I like keeping a clean calendar.

microsoft store.jpgMicrosoft Opening Retail Stores This Fall
It’s true. Microsoft will be opening up their very own retail stores this fall just in time for the holidays. I’m guessing the timing will be around the October 22nd launch of Windows 7, but no firm date or locations have been given. All that was said was that some retails stores would be opened up “right next door to Apple stores.

netflix-1.jpgAmazon Wants to Buy Netflix?
Now wouldn’t this be interesting. Amazon is widely known for its mass distribution of goods, and having Netflix under their wing would boost that reputation even more. I think if this deal actually happens Amazon should just consider starting their own delivery service while they’re at it.

opera.jpgOpera 10 Beta 2 Released
The next major milestone release of the Opera browser is nearing us as the team pushes Opera 10 Beta 2 out the door to testers. As CNet points out, however, they have so far decided not to include Opera Unite in this release.

gmail tasks.jpgGoogle Tasks Gets Pushed Out to Everyone
If you’re one of the people that didn’t enable Tasks in Gmail Labs when it was first released you’ll now notice that it’s in your Inbox anyways. Unbelievably in only about 7-months Google went from announcing to testing to releasing Tasks, which is interesting given how long Google normally likes to “bake” their products in the Beta stage. At any rate I’m really happy to see this because I use Tasks every day, and I prefer it over their competitors because of its sheer simplicity.

–Tips, Tutorials, and Reviews–

Safari.jpgGoogle Bookmarks Support in Chrome
When Google released Chrome there were some of their own services that I couldn’t believe weren’t heavily integrated, and the most obvious was Google Bookmarks. After all, bookmarks are one of the most important aspects of a browser. Although Google hasn’t seen the light yet there is one developer who has, and that developer has whipped up a Chrome extension so that you can enjoy your Google Bookmarks no matter what machine you’re at.

bsod analyzer.jpgAnalyzing a Blue Screen of Death
A simple application called WhoCrashed will help you analyze any Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) errors that your computer has received. This is helpful because you don’t always have a lot of time to sit there and read the error when it’s up on the screen, and so this provides a friendly interface for viewing a log of the events that have happened in the past.

chrome new tab.jpgEnable the Redesigned New-Tab Interface in Chrome
Are you itching to get your hands on the revamped new-tab interface in Google Chrome? If you’re running a developer version of the browser all it takes is a quick modification of the shortcut you use to launch the browser and you’ll be on your way. Also on the new page you’ll notice a section for tips and suggestions where Google takes a look at your reading habits and recommends links for you to check out.

chrome gestures.jpgAdd Mouse Gesture Support to Chrome
I’m more of a keyboard person myself, but those of you who prefer the mouse gesture route may enjoy having this extension installed that provides basic gesture support.  

locationbar2.jpgLocationbar2 for Firefox Highlights Domain Names
We’ve written about this Firefox extension before, but it’s one of my favorites so I thought it would be worth mentioning it again. If you’ve used Internet Explorer 8 you might have noticed how it tries to make the domain name stand out by graying out the text around it. This extension does the same kind of thing, but unlike IE8 it is completely configurable. As this article points out you can really change the domain name’s appearance so that you won’t be able to miss it even if you were 10 feet away. That might be just what some people need to avoid the phishing attacks.

google chrome theme.jpgSome Awesome Google Chrome Themes
I hadn’t been hearing much in terms of Google Chrome themes so I was starting to think that no one was making them. I was wrong. This article lists 6 themes that I have to say are pretty awesome (some are better than others, but still). If you want to give Chrome a fresh look you should definitely go check them out.


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WrapUp: Mozilla Confirms 2 Infected Extensions, Stream Your Favorite TV Shows, and More

This article was written on February 10, 2010 by CyberNet.

Welcome to the WrapUp by CyberNet. This is a collection of news stories, downloads, and tips that we have collected over the last few days, but never got around to writing about. Don’t forget to send in your own tips, or just leave a comment on this page if you think you’ve got something we should include.


firefox browser.jpgMozilla Confirms 2 Infected Add-ons Slip Through Approvals
Users should be on the lookout for two Firefox add-ons, Sothink Web Video Downloader 4.0 and all versions of Master Filer, that Mozilla has confirmed as being infected with viruses. It’s possible that up to 4,600 users have been affected by these malicious extensions, but they were only able to execute on Windows PCs.

google buzz.jpgGoogle Buzz: Twitter, in Your Email
Google Buzz is a new service that was just released by the search giant yesterday, and brings a bit of Twitter/FriendFeed to your Inbox. Google boasts the ability to instantly connect with the people that are already in your address book. There is also some simple integration with sites like Twitter, Flickr, and Picasa where it is able to automatically post the items that you upload/tweet about on the respective sites. Unfortunately you can’t use this to actually post to third-party sites.

–News in Brief–

droid.jpgMultitouch Coming to Droid
The Nexus One already received the firmware update that includes multitouch capabilities, and the Motorola Droid should be getting it soon as well.

birth year.jpgStory of What Happened in Your Birth Year
The person behind the popular Google Blogoscoped site has started a new venture that covers some of the things that happened the year you were born. It might take a little while to get through it, because it’s in a storybook-like layout where words are printed to the screen as you go.

commercials.jpgRevisit the Super Bowl Commercials
Most of the commercials from the Super Bowl have been *officially* posted to YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

google chrome translate.jpgGoogle Chrome Integrates Translation Bar
When visiting a foreign site Google Chrome 5 will display a nice little bar asking if you’d like to translate the page.

utorrent.jpguTorrent 2.0 Released
uTorrent 2.0 is now available, and has a strong focus on better network performance.

touchscreen-1.jpgAmazon is Said to Buy a Touchscreen Company
Rumor is that Amazon bought Touchco, a company that makes flexible touchscreen interfaces, so that they can integrate the technology into the Kindle.

google chrome.jpgGoogle Chrome 4 Natively Supports Greasemonkey Scripts
When Google Chrome 4 launched there was a lot of talk about extensions, and so you may have overlooked the native ability to convert Greasemonkey scripts into extensions.

vlc extension.jpgVLC Media Player 1.1 Supports Extensions
A pre-release version of VLC 1.1 has support for third-party extensions, which currently include Last.fm and IMDB integration.

–Tips, Tutorials, and Reviews–

tvgorge.jpgTVGorge: Stream Your Favorite Shows
Watching TV shows online is nothing new, but sites like Hulu restrict viewing to the U.S. only. That’s where TVGorge.com comes in. Not only is it available around the world, but it has a library of television shows that is truly impressive. For many of them you’ll find all of their past season available, and new episodes are posted very quickly after they air.

glass opera skin.jpgAll Glass Skin for Opera
I love trying out new themes as much as the next guy, but most aren’t worth writing home about. I have to admit that this all-glass skin for Opera 10.5 sure is a head-turner though. The way it uses the Aero interface on Vista and Windows 7 makes it feel like you’re peeking into the future. The cool factor is definitely earns a 10, but I still have to see how this plays out in heavy usage for me. I don’t know if all the transparent-goodness will start to eat away at my eyes.

–Tips in Brief–

gimp.jpg5 Sites to Learn About Using GIMP
These sites will get you going on using the GIMP photo editor, which is especially helpful if you’ve grown accustomed to using other image editors over the years.

incognito.jpgGoogle Chrome’s Incognito Mode Doubles as a “Safe Mode”
The Incognito mode in Google Chrome not only prevents the browser from saving your Internet history, but it also keeps themes and extensions from loading.

podcast manager.jpg5 Best Podcast Managers
These are a few different ways to manage your podcasts on various platforms.

camstudio.jpgUsing CamStudio (Open Source) for Screencasts
This is a way you can make some great screencasts without dropping a dime.

boot snooze.jpgReboot and then Hibernate Your Computer
Boot Snooze is a simple program that lets you restart and then hibernate or sleep your machine. That way you don’t go months without restarting your computer, and the next time you return it will be ready to roar.

memorize now.jpgMemorize Long Pieces of Text
Memorize Now is a free online service that takes a body of text, and replaces random words with blanks so that your mind has to fill them in. As you progress more and more of the words are removed to aid in the memorization.

macomfort.jpgmaComfort Brings Mac Features to Windows
This app brings some of the most notable Mac features to the Windows platform, such as hot corners, quicklook, and virtual desktops.

chrome tabs.jpgAutomatically Refresh & Cycle Through Chrome Tabs
Revolver Tabs is a Chrome add-on that will reload and switch between browser tabs at a specified interval.

delete account.jpgHow to Delete Online Accounts
A service called Delete Your Account provides quick links for you to disable/remove your account from numerous online services.


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WrapUp: Hulu in HD, Better Gmail 2 Updated, and More

This article was written on August 06, 2008 by CyberNet.

Welcome to the WrapUp by CyberNet. This is a collection of news stories and tips that we have collected over the last few days, but never got around to writing about. Don’t forget to send in your own tips, or just leave a comment on this page if you think you’ve got something we should include.


money.jpgU.S. Cracks Biggest Identity Theft Case
The United States has cracked one of the biggest ID theft cases, which was led by 11 people. Three of the individuals were from the U.S., and they got the information by driving around hacking into wireless equipment. Retailers such as Barnes and Noble, Office Max, TJ Maxx, and more were the prime targets that led to 40 million credit and debit card numbers being stolen.

hulu logo.jpgHulu Gets Some HD Shows
Hulu is making a move to HD content as they bring on shows like 24, 30 Rock, Heroes, and The Office in beautiful HD quality. They are even offering these shows ad-free as part of a special promotion.

psystar.jpgPsystar Lawyers Going After Apple, too
Not many people were surprised when Apple started going after the Psystar company for building and selling PC’s running Leopard. What’s interesting though is that Psystar’s lawyers might be going after Apple as well with an antitrust suit. Who will emerge victorious?

iphone 3g.jpg800,000 iPhone 3G’s Produced Every Week
Reports are strolling in that 800,000 iPhone 3G’s are being pumped out of the factory every week. And yet some people are stilling having a hard time getting one!

better gmail 2.jpgBetter Gmail 2 Updated
A new version of the Better Gmail 2 Firefox extension has been released that includes a new skin, updated macros, and more. If you’re a Gmail & Firefox user this is a must-have.

–Tips, Tutorials, and Reviews–

ubuntu usb drive.jpgInstalling Ubuntu from a USB Drive
There’s no need to use a CD to install Ubuntu when you have a Flash drive. These instructions will guide you through how to install Ubuntu from a USB drive, which is especially handy when the computer you’re working with doesn’t have a CD/DVD drive.

windows processors.jpgDebunking Windows Performance Tweaking Myths
This is a list of nine different Windows performance myths that you may have heard about. Things like being able to activate SuperFetch in XP, or disabling System Restore to improve performance are put to rest.

apple mail.jpgGet Hotmail Access in Apple Mail
The HTTPMail Plugin will give Apple Mail users access to their Hotmail/MSN account. It’s completely free to download, and is Mac-only.

adblock plus.jpgWhitelist your Bookmarks in Adblock
Some Adblock Plus users like to support their favorite sites by whitelisting the domain. Thanks to a handy little script you can whitelist all of the sites that you’ve bookmarked.

sandals money.jpgStash Your Money in Your Sandals
One of the problems you might run into when you’re off at the beach is where to put your money and keys. Thanks to innovative sandals like these you can slip your valuables in the heals when you don’t have any pockets available.

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WrapUp: Apple Sends Out Invites to Event, Windows Live Mail Getting Unique Gmail Support, and More

This article was written on January 19, 2010 by CyberNet.

Welcome to the WrapUp by CyberNet. This is a collection of news stories, downloads, and tips that we have collected over the last few days, but never got around to writing about. Don’t forget to send in your own tips, or just leave a comment on this page if you think you’ve got something we should include.


apple tablet.jpgApple Sends Press Invites to Upcoming Event
Many of the major press sources have come forward saying that late last night an invitation to Apple’s January 27th came strolling in, entitled “come see our latest creation.” Other rumors are that the event will cover the iPhone 4.0 software (not new hardware), the tablet, and iLife 2010. I’m pretty much at the point where I’m so sick of rumors that I can’t wait for January 27th to come and go.

google docs.jpgUse Google Docs for File Storage
Google Docs is on the verge of becoming more than just a place to save and share documents. In the coming weeks you will have a feature enabled in your account so that you can actually upload files of any type to your account. You’ll have 1GB of free storage for non-document related files, but more storage will always be available at a rate of $0.25 per gigabyte. The per-file size limitation is 250MB, which I’d say is okay compared to some other services, but not overly impressive.

–News in Brief–

ubuntu survey.jpgWhich Third-Party Apps Should Be In Ubuntu
A survey by Canonical asks users what third-party apps they’d like to see be made available for the Ubuntu operating system.

nexus one.jpgNexus One Price Slashed by $100, Early Adopters Refunded $100
Existing T-Mobile customers (that are eligible for an upgrade) can enjoy a $100 price reduction in the cost of the Nexus One.

mobileme app.jpgApple Finally Releases MobileMe Gallery App for iPhone?
Apple is slowly getting around to making their services more iPhone friendly, but how is it that they still don’t have an iPhone-optimized website?

gmail https.jpgGoogle Forcing HTTPS Traffic in Gmail by Default
Gmail users may start to notice that they are always redirected to an HTTPS version of the site when checking their email, but this setting can be disabled if you choose to forfeit the extra security.

Google.jpgGoogle Hacked; Rethinking Approach in China
An announcement by Google stated that hackers targeted and successfully retrieved small amounts of data from a handful of accounts. The attacks originated in China, and has got Google once again questioning whether they should be censoring their results there.

–Tips, Tutorials, and Reviews–

windows live mail.jpgWindows Live Mail (Wave 4) to Have Awesome Gmail Support?
Is it possible that Windows Live Mail will actually cater to some of Gmail’s unique features like labels, archiving, and stars? Well, maybe. The editor-in-chief at Engadget posted on Twitter that he wanted a desktop app that worked well with all those Gmail-specific features, and Microsoft’s Vice President of Corporate Communications responded with a simple yet mysterious tweet saying “Windows Live Wave 4.”

zscreen.jpgZScreen Quickly Uploads Images, Text, and Files
ZScreen used to be a screenshot-focused utility, and it still is but it’s also expanding its horizons. DownloadSquad noticed that newer versions let you upload text to services like PasteBin, files to Rapidshare, shorten URLs, and of course share images/screenshots. The only thing it lacks in my eyes is an awesome screenshot editor so that you could annotate/modify the image before you send it off to the cloud.

keyboard.jpgMaking the Most of Your Netbook
For some people getting started with a netbook can almost be like switching from using a PC to a Mac. Often times trackpads are smaller, there’s no CD/DVD drive, and you have significantly less screen space to work with. Switching to such a small computer has a learning curve, and Lifehacker’s guide includes some good tips to help ease you in to the world of netbook computing.

–Tips in Brief–

tab utilities.jpgTab Utilities Extension Improves Firefox Tab Management
This extension will let you choose from an array of tab-related customizations in Firefox.

relations.jpgSites to Check Where Your First/Last Name Comes From
Ever wonder where your name originated from, and what kind of transformations it’s gone through? These sites have the cure for your potent curiosity.

auto mute.jpgAutomatically Mute Your PC When Turning it On
Auto Mute is a free utility that runs on both 32-bit and 64-bit machines giving you the chance to disable sounds when starting up your computer.

android tether.jpgHow to Tether Your Android Phone
This guide walks you through three different alternatives to unleashing the tethering capabilities of your Android-powered phone.

amarok.jpgUpdates to Amarok Media Player
A new version of the Amarok media player includes usability improvements and some “polish.”

emesene-1.jpgEmesene: An MSN Messenger Replacement
You don’t hear a lot about this messenger app since it’s targeted towards MSN Messenger users only, but if you fall into that category the new version includes quite a few enhancements and updates that make it worth checking out.


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WrapUp: Windows Mobile 6.5 Hands-On, Offline Gmail for iPhone/Android, and More

This article was written on February 23, 2009 by CyberNet.

Welcome to the WrapUp by CyberNet. This is a collection of news stories, downloads, and tips that we have collected over the last few days, but never got around to writing about. Don’t forget to send in your own tips, or just leave a comment on this page if you think you’ve got something we should include.


google search.jpgEach Google Query Requires 1,000 Machines
In order for Google to serve up search results in a matter of milliseconds they have to enlist the help of about 1,000 machines per query. So the next time you perform a search you can think about all of those servers working hard just for you.

windows 7 logo.jpgWindows 7 RC1 Coming April 10th
Neowin managed to snag some information from what they say is a trusted source inside Microsoft. Apparently the Windows 7 RC1 build that was expected by the end of this month is being targeted for April 10th. So those of you not wanting to jump on the Beta bandwagon might be getting an even more polished release in about 6-weeks.

gmail theme colors.jpgGmail: Choose Your Own Theme Colors
Google announced last week that you can not only customize which theme you want to use, but you can also roll your own. As of right now you can customize the colors used for different parts of the interface, and hopefully in the future you’ll also be able to use custom graphics. It would also be cool if they let you share a link with other Gmail users so that they could get your color combination without going through the hassle of manually reconfiguring it all.

mint assets-1.jpgMint.com Tracks Assets
The online finance management site Mint continues to add new features. This time around they are letting users track their assets and net worth. Personally I’d still like to see them let users manually import older data that can’t be retrieved from online banking, but I have a feeling that won’t be happening anytime soon.

windows 7 media center.jpgWindows 7 Media Center Features
The Windows blog has put together a video demonstration and a list of features that Media Center users can get excited about in Windows 7. The native H.264 video support is one I can’t wait for.

offline gmail.jpgGoogle Demos Offline Gmail for iPhone & Android
By taking advantage of some new features in HTML5 Google has managed to come up with a way for users to take their Gmail offline on mobile devices. It apparently works for the iPhone, Android, Palm Pre, and other devices that utilize the WebKit rendering engine since it already has support for the HTML5 standards. Unfortunately this cool Gmail functionality has yet to be released.

–Tips, Tutorials, and Reviews–

xp windows 7.jpgMake XP Look Like Windows 7
Just like with Vista it’s inevitable that some XP users will merely want to get the good looks of Windows 7 without actually having to upgrade. After a simple installation you’ll have a Windows 7-like Taskbar, theme, boot screen, and more.

clevr-1.jpgStitch Panoramic Photos Together with CleVR
This is one of the easier applications that I’ve seen allowing you to stitch together those beautiful panoramic photos that you’ve taken. It requires Adobe Air, and is therefore pretty easy to get setup.

nikon dslr.jpgWhy More Megapixels Isn’t Always Better
There are a lot of people I talk to who assume that the number of megapixels in a camera corresponds to the quality of the photo. This guide by Gizmodo explains why that’s not always the case.

rapidstack.jpgRapidstack: Realtime Rapidshare Searching
Finding a good Rapidshare search engine can be hard, but Rapidstack is definitely one of the better ones I’ve seen. It provides realtime search results, and also verifies that the links still actually work. So in the long run it can save you a significant amount of time.

windows 7 media center background.jpgChange Your Windows 7 Media Center Background
Believe it or not, but in Windows 7 you can actually change the Media Center background. It’s definitely pretty cool, but the bad part is that it’s not the easiest thing to do. It requires some editing of the registry and modifying some permissions, but nothing a true geek can’t handle.

windows mobile 65.jpgWindows Mobile 6.5 Hands-On
Microsoft is picking up on what users want in a touch interface. Windows Mobile 6.5 pulls some of the aesthetics from the iPhone, but at the same time also has a unique interface styling. It will be interesting to see how cellphone manufacturers decide to make use of this new operating system.


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WrapUp: XM Sirius Merger, Upgrading Compiz Fusion, and More

This article was written on July 29, 2008 by CyberNet.

Welcome to the WrapUp by CyberNet. This is a collection of news stories and tips that we have collected over the last few days, but never got around to writing about. Don’t forget to send in your own tips, or just leave a comment on this page if you think you’ve got something we should include.


sirius xm merger.jpgSirius & XM Merger has Completed
All systems are a go when it comes to the Sirius & XM merger. In fact the two companies have already renamed themselves to Sirius XM Radio, Inc.

mike schroepfer.jpgFacebook Hires Mozilla’s Mike Schroepfer
Mozilla has lost their Vice President of Engineering, Mike Schroepfer, who has gone to work at Facebook. While at Facebook he will be the director of engineering, and I have to say that I’m sad to see him go.

divshare.jpgDivShare Decreases Download Limit for Free Users
As of August 1st all free accounts will be given 10GB of monthly downloads, which is 1/5th the 50GB that it is right now. Looks like DivShare is still having troubles keeping up with scalability? They say that the change will only affect 0.2% of the nearly 650,000 users they have.

yahoo music.jpgYahoo Shutting Down DRM Servers
On September 30th Yahoo will be shutting down their DRM servers that are needed to reauthorize any music downloads that were purchased from their Unlimited Music Store. It’s recommended that the music purchased from the store be burned to CD, and recopied to the computer so that you won’t have any troubles in the future.

iphone 3g.jpgiPhone Firmware 2.1 Bringing New GPS Features
The next firmware for the iPhone will apparently be able to calculate the speed and direction you’re heading using the GPS. Sounds like Apple is gearing up for companies to provide turn-by-turn navigation software?

sprint logo.jpgSprint Sells Off $670 Million Worth of Towers
Sprint has sold off over 3,300 cell towers to TowerCo for around $670 million in cash. They will then lease these towers back from TowerCo, and Sprint says the money will give them greater flexibility for managing the company.

–Tips, Tutorials, and Reviews–

sync google calendar.jpgSync Any Desktop Calendar with Google Calendar
This is a great guide that talks about using various methods of synchronizing desktop applications with Google Calendar.

encrypt files.jpgEncrypt Files with a Few Clicks
Ever want a fast way to encrypt a few files? This free solution will put you just a few clicks away from having your precious documents and files securely encrypted.

windows explorer.jpgWindows Explorer Add-ons
If you’ve been wanting to spruce up Windows Explorer you’ll want to checkout what this guide has to say. We’ve covered a lot of these apps on our site before, but this is a nice comprehensive guide.

upgrade compiz fusion.jpgUpgrade Compiz Fusion
This tutorial takes you through the steps needed to upgrade the version of Compiz Fusion running on your Linux machine. That way you’ll get all of the latest and greatest features.

iphone backup.jpgDisable iPhone Backups
Whenever you connect your iPhone to iTunes it always wants to perform a rather lengthy backup. These steps will force iTunes to bypass the backup process when synchronizing the device, but that leaves you with nothing should you ever want to restore it back to a previous state.

remote access.jpgRemotely Access your Files
This will show you how to remotely access your files regardless of whether you’re on a Windows, Mac, or Linux machine.

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WrapUp: Watch AVI Videos on Your iPad, Most Pixel-Friendly Browsers, and More

This article was written on August 10, 2010 by CyberNet.

Welcome to the WrapUp by CyberNet. This is a collection of news stories, downloads, and tips that we have collected over the last few days, but never got around to writing about. Don’t forget to send in your own tips, or just leave a comment on this page if you think you’ve got something we should include.


firefox.jpgFirefox 4 to Perform Background Updating
All minor updates to Firefox 4.0 (e.g. 4.0.1) will be automatically downloaded and installed in the background.

droid x-1.jpgGoogle Activating 200,000 Android Phones Per Day
The Android adoption rate is rapidly increasing. In May Google was activating 100k phones per day, then in June it was 160k, and now for July they hit 200k.

google wave.jpgGoogle Wave Shutting Down
Last week Google announced that they haven’t seen the user adoption that they were looking for with Wave, and will stop maintaining the site towards the end of the year.

givingpledge.jpgBill Gates Convinces 30+ Billionaires to Give Away Half Their Money
Bill Gates has done a tremendous job with his philanthropy work, and is rubbing off on a lot of other people. If you head on over to GivingPledge.org you can view the list of over 30 billionaires that are pledging half of their wealth to charities.

flickr revamp-1.jpgFlickr Revamps Photo Viewing Page
Flickr has rolled out a redesign of their image viewing page. Everything seems a bit cleaner, but the most notable change may be that the default image shown is little larger.

ipad data cost.jpgiPad Data Cost Broken Down by Country
This graphic depicts the data cost for iPad usage around the world in terms of dollars per gigabyte.

chrome tab options.jpgChrome Getting In-Tab Options
Preview releases of Chrome demonstrate some Firefox 4-like functionality by placing options inside the browser window instead of in a popup.

jailbreakme.jpgJailbreak Available for iPhone 4
A web-based jailbreak has been made available for most iPhone, iPod, and iPad models. To accomplish the jailbreak the iPhone dev-team exploited a PDF vulnerability found in the Safari browser.

windows 7 tablet.jpgPotential Windows 7 Tablet UI
A UI design firm has come up with a very attractive looking interface for a possible Windows 7 tablet, and says that a “major manufacturer” will be shipping their product in Q3 2010.

–Tips, Tutorials, and Reviews–

seagate momentus.jpgReview of Seagate Momentus XT Hybrid Hard Drive
Engadget has a great writeup of the new hybrid hard drive from Seagate ($130), and says that casual users will benefit the most from this cross between an SSD and HDD.

cinexplayer.jpgFree App to Watch Xvid Videos on Your iPad Without Conversion
CineXPlayer is a free iPad app that will let you natively view most AVI/Xvid videos without needing to convert them first.

lifehacker pack.jpgLifehacker’s Favorite iPhone Apps
Lifehacker has rolled up a few dozen of their favorite apps (a mixture of free and paid ones), and broke them up into a few different categories.

frash-1.jpgInstalling Flash on your iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4
This guide will walk you through how to get Flash running on your jailbroken iPhone.

phoneable.jpgSync Your iPhone or iPod With Multiple iTunes Libraries
Using the free Windows app called PhoneAble you will be able to sync your iPhone with as many machines as you want.

pixel friendly browser.jpgMost Pixel-Friendly Browser: Mac Edition or Windows Edition
These two guides take a look at how each major browser makes use of your screen space, and pinpoints which one you’ll want to use if you’re a minimalist.

dropbox 250mb.jpgFree 250MB of Additional Dropbox Storage For Completing Tutorial
Dropbox users can grab an additional 250MB of storage by clicking through a quick tutorial that only took me a minute to do.

ccleaner enhancer.jpgGet Additional App Support in CCleaner
CCleaner Enhancer is a quick way to get a bunch of additional predefined cleaning rules for some of your favorite apps.

microsoft money.jpgMicrosoft Money Available for Free
Well, there is a small benefit to Microsoft discontinuing Microsoft Money… and it’s that you can now grab their last-released version for free.

multiple gmail accounts-1.jpgAccess Multiple Gmail Accounts in the Same Browser
Once you enable the multiple account feature you’ll be able to login to multiple Gmail accounts within the same browser, and switch between them in just a few clicks.

bend text editor.jpgBend is a Beautiful Notepad Replacement
I fell in love with Bend the moment I saw the screenshots, and after you download a copy I’m confident that you’ll enjoy the simple interface and array of features just as much as I do.


Copyright © 2011 CyberNetNews.com

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WrapUp: Unofficial Google Music Extension for Chrome, Windows Phone Mango Review, and More

This article was written on June 27, 2011 by CyberNet.

Welcome to the WrapUp by CyberNet. This is a collection of news stories, downloads, and tips that we have collected over the last few days, but never got around to writing about. Don’t forget to send in your own tips, or just leave a comment on this page if you think you’ve got something we should include.


Google healthGoogle Health and PowerMeter Discontinued
If you used Google Health or Google PowerMeter you may be disappointed to hear that both of these free services will be shutdown soon.

Tmobile iphoneT-Mobile USA Already Has Over a Million iPhones on Their Network
No one ever really knew how many iPhones people were using on T-Mobile USA because it was never officially allowed on the network. Now that Apple has unlocked the GSM iPhone T-Mobile USA is saying that there are over a million iPhone users on their network, most of which I presume are using older jailbroken iPhones that are software-unlocked.

Best buy music cloudBest Buy Cloud Music Service Off to a Rough Start
Best Buy is offering their own online music service, and as PCMag points out there are a lot of flaws in what they’ve rolled out thus far.

ComputersFBI Seizes Web Servers
An investigation of the Lulz Security group by the FBI resulted in several web servers being seized, one of which was used by the Instapaper online service.

Firefox 5Mozilla Rolls Out Firefox 5 Already
Mozilla is holding true to their new deadline of a new browser release every 3-months, and Firefox 5 is the first proof of that. They are adapting this more rapid schedule to compete with Chrome, who got on a similar schedule shortly after the first release.

Flickr popular cameraiPhone 4 Most Popular Camera on Flickr
The iPhone 4 has edged passed the Nikon D90 as the most popular camera on Flickr.

Apple time capsuleApple Updates Time Capsule and Airport Extreme
There were a lot of rumors about what could be coming in the new Time capsules and Airport Extreme routers, but most of those rumors appear to be false. Apple’s update to these devices are minor with the Time Capsule getting merely a storage bump.

60 secondsWhat Happens in 60 Seconds on the Web
Have you ever been curious about what can happen in a minute on the Internet? This infographic highlights some stats from services like YouTube, Pandora, Craigslist, Facebook, Flickr, and more.

Skydrive redesignSkyDrive Goes HTML5
Microsoft has revamped their SkyDrive file storage service so that the web-based interface is powered by HTML5, and is overall much faster to navigate.

DropboxDropbox Suffers from Critical Security Bug for 4-Hours
Last week there was a 4-hour window where someone could login to any Dropbox account using any password. To make matters worse Dropbox didn’t officially post information on the issue until after the press got wind of it.

Verizon signVerizon Rumored to be Moving to Tiered Data Plans on July 7th
According to a rumor Verizon will drop their unlimited data plan option on July 7th in favor of the following tiered structure: 2GB for $30/month, 5GB for $50/month, and 10GB for $80/month. Users wanting to tether would also have to pay $20 and would get an additional 2GB of data transfer.

SagetvGoogle Scoops Up SageTV
If you were starting to think that Google doesn’t care about Google TV you’d be wrong. They acquired SageTV last week which is a media center hub that can also record television shows from your cable or antenna, and can stream those shows to other extenders throughout your house. If this kind of functionality makes its way into Google TV it could become a compelling product.

–Tips, Tutorials, and Reviews–

ImokQuickly Contact Friends/Family in an Emergency
I’m OK is a free service that has you send a text message to their service, and then they will relay on your message to all of your predefined contacts via email.

Torrent commentsuTorrent 3.0 Gets a Comment System for Torrents
I’m sure most of us have downloaded a torrent at one time or another just to find out it isn’t what we expected it to be. The new uTorrent 3.0 commenting system will show you comments other users have left about the torrent you are downloading helping prevent those misguided downloads.

Chrome extension musicUnofficial Google Music Extension for Chrome
If you’ve been grooving to your tunes with the new Google Music Beta then you may enjoy using the Better Music Beta extension. It gives you full control of your music playback without needing to jump back to the site.

Opera themeTry Out the New Opera Theme
Opera is refreshing the theme that their desktop browser uses, and my first impression is that it feels even more like Google Chrome.

Minimize to trayQuickly Minimize Apps to the System Tray
This Windows app adds a right-click menu to the minimize button that can be used to send a window to the System Tray.

Upload dropbox files emailSend Email Requests to Have Files Uploaded to Your Dropbox
The FileStork service makes it possible to send an email to someone asking them to upload a file to your Dropbox account without actually giving them access to all of the files.

Chrome frameInstall Chrome Frame in IE Without Admin Rights
The new version of Chrome Frame for Internet Explorer will let anyone install it without needing admin privileges on the machine. This is especially helpful for people who want to install it on locked-down corporate machines.

Windows phone mangoWindows Phone Mango Review
Paul Thurrott has an excellent review of the upcoming Windows Phone Mango software update that is due out in Fall 2011. He gives his hands-on impression on the new features that Microsoft announced just a few weeks ago.

Camera button ios4iOS 4 Jailbreakers Can Get the iOS 5 Lockscreen Camera Button
If you’ve jailbroken your iOS 4 device you can add an iOS 5-style camera button on your lock screen to make firing up the camera app a little faster.

Dropbox screen sharerAutomatically Upload Screenshots to Dropbox
This free Windows utility can be used to snap a screenshot of your desktop, upload it to Dropbox, and copy a URL to your clipboard that can then be shared with someone else.


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